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Spreading Smile

Our specialty of childcare make those smiling face with the happiness of gifts, cakes, Snacks, Stationary items.

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Spreading Care

Yearlong Activities as Orphanage visit, a day full of activities, gifts, books, Education Stationary items, educational tours with our team members gives a very joyful experience to them.

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Spreading Celebration

As we  distribute new clothes among 250+ little ones in and around few pockets of West Bengal Along with that we also shared a little more happiness by gifting them chocolates and cakes before Durga Puja & Kali Puja.

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A little drop of kindness, makes the mighty Ocean

The little faces that should shine brightly, remain hidden in the nooks n alleys of Kolkata streets and nurtures a wish to celebrate this grand occassion along with the fortunate ones, but their wish remains a dream.
YOU can be that Good Samaritan and come forward to gift each kid their dream, by making it come true !!!
As you all know, we @RS try our level best to bring out that happiness, and for this we want your extended hand of help. We know ,you care.
So friends, do come forward and donate for a cause. Last year we catered 800+ children. This year we plan to increase this number and it's possible if you all r by our side. Your little monetary contribution (any amount) will help us to reach out more n more angels !!
"A little drop of kindness, makes the mighty ocean" . 😊😊



Next Steps...

You can also be a part of this happiness-sharing-celebration, by being present on the mentioned date. Mark it now in your planner!!! 😊😊

We attach here the bank details. Amount in cash is also welcome.