“A DAY WELL SPENT…IS A DAY WORTH REMEMBERING”!! Finally Rongin Sopno was successful in bringing ultimate joys and happiness in the lives of 55 kids for a day, It was a day worth cherishing not only for the members of RS but DEFINITELY FOR THE KIDS OF ANANDAKENDRA. The early morning wake up call to Alipur Zoo couldn’t deter the joyous anticipating spirits of the little bundle of joys from ANANDAKENDRA at ATGARAH near Bongaon. They took the long 4 hours odd journey from Atgarah and along with our volunteers.Literally had a joyous ride of a lifetime. Moving in small divided and carefully monitored groups, we successfully covered most of the animals like tiger,elephant,jaguar,zebra,lion,kangaroo and a few more.The kids were also given a sumptuous breakfast and lunch of Pulao, Chicken and sweets and Ice cream on the premises. We in turn, couldn’t be happier to see the little angels bundling up their sweetest moments which will remain etched as one of the most wonderful memories of their lifetime….. At the end of the day, the happiness etched on their sweet faces, the peals of laughter from their heart and the excitement in their voices defined their enthusiasm…. and we felt accomplished. #A special thanks to the new members and old alike who took out time from their lazy Sunday and gave a big helping hand to make this day memorable. #rongin_sopno #Ananda_kendra_kids_day_out_2nd_February_2020. #spreading_happiness #in_true_spirit

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